Worship at Christ Episcopal Church at 7:30 am and 10 am

Sunday Morning Worship

Every Sunday, we gather for worship at 7:30 and 10 am. All of our services include communion, a sermon, and a liturgy of hymns, scripture readings, and prayers.  At 7:30, we use Holy Eucharist: Rite I, which uses the old Elizabethan language from the Book of Common Prayer. This service does not include hymns. Our nine o’clock service is our family service, and it includes a children’s minute and slightly abbreviated hymns to accommodate young children. At 11 o’clock, we have a full choir and traditional Holy Eucharist: Rite II. 

Weekday Offerings

We offer Holy Eucharist: Rite II every Wednesday at 7 am and Thursday at 12:05 pm.  These are brief but meaningful services without music and a sermon, so you can expect worship to last about thirty minutes.

Children's Liturgy

The Children’s Liturgy at Christ Episcopal Church is a special service where Christ Church kids participate in every aspect of worship serving as lectors, ushers, and acolytes, singing in the choir, leading prayers, and gathering around the table to watch the preparation of Holy Communion.

During the sermon, children are invited to come down front as the rector delivers a message written just for them, but intended for all ages. The Children’s Liturgy helps our youngest parishioners learn more about the traditions in our church and gives them the opportunity to serve and lead.

Serve in Worship

Volunteers are lay ministers of the church and are an important part of every Episcopal worship service. If you are interested in any of the volunteer roles below, please let us know!

Altar Guild

The Altar Guild is comprised of five teams serving on a rotation schedule throughout the year.  Members spend time each week polishing silver and brass, washing and ironing altar linens, and preparing the altar. They serve as the priests' partners in making the worship life of the parish run smoothly. 

Ushers & Greeters

Ushers and greeters play a key role in making individual worship services run smoothly and providing directions to newcomers.  They are some of the first faces folks see when coming to worship.


Acolytes and acolyte leaders assist by leading processions, carrying torches, lighting candles, and serving at the altar.  Ages 8 and older are invited to serve. Training is provided prior to serving as a torch bearer or crucifer.

Lay Eucharistic Ministers

Lay Eucharistic Ministers (LEMs) assist the priest in the service by reading the prayers of the people and administering the Holy Eucharist. Training is provided by the clergy.


Lectors read the lessons appointed for the day.